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Saturday Reunion

March 4, 2018

We’re striding down 125th Street when I cut into the conversation of my colleagues and point across the street.  “Look at those murals!  Aren’t they gorgeous?”  Colorful and detailed, the way the artist managed to paint them on corregated metal amazes me.  I love looking closely at them as I pass, the way the paint follows the rises and dips of the storefront covers.  I love looking at them from across the street, the distance smoothing out the waves, leaving only the rich celebrations of African American culture.  I love that they’re only visible this early in the morning.  This is my favorite part of the walk.

We’re sitting in the pews in Riverside Church when Lucy Calkins stands in the front of the nave and the room grows quiet.  “Colleagues,” she says, and pauses while the last conversations die down.  In that pause I love to imagine myself as a colleague to these educators I so admire.  I love feeling myself worthy of being in the same category as them.  I love how Lucy uses “colleagues” the way I use “readers” and “writers” in my classroom.  This is my favorite moment of the Saturday Reunions.

We’re walking down the street towards Broadway.  A river of teachers stretches out ahead of us as far as we can see.  “Look behind us,” I say to the student teacher.  The river stretches behind us as well.  I love that I can’t even begin to count how many of us there are.  I love that there are this many teachers who love teaching so much we do this on a Saturday.  I love that among this crowd are teachers fan-teachering over the TCRWP staff and wearing t-shirts about grammar and sharing recommendations of books with people they just met.  I love that I am part of this movement of teachers so passionate and full of love for our profession.  This is my favorite sight of the day.

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  1. “Colleagues.” I love this so much. I wanted to be there more than anything today, but the winds suspended all trains from DC, so I experienced the day via Twitter. How lucky you were to be a part of the magic. It gives me hope. Thank you for sharing, I felt like I was there with you for a few moments.

  2. I just attended my first TCRWP Institute in February and loved it! I can’t wait to attend a reunion someday! Such a powerful and moving experience. Enjoy yourself!!

  3. I love reading about your enthusiasm and your passion for teaching. Good luck on your reunion. And welcome to my neighborhood.

  4. I was there in that river. The energy is always amazing. You captured that here. I’m always glad I made the trip to TC!

  5. I love that river of teachers! I was planning on going this year and then my plans changed – so I love reading about it! Can’t wait for the next one!

  6. What a great opportunity to share with fellow teachers! So glad you could go and share with us!

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