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Snow Day

March 7, 2018

We watched the weather reports.

Was the snow really going to come?

We watched our phones.

When would the announcement come?

We watched the sky.

When would the storm arrive?

Tiny flakes appeared here and there, and then they multiplied, and we finished our errands and settled into the couch with books and hot chocolate.

Hours later we layered coats and snow pants and boots and gloves, and we trekked into the winter world to shovel.

We watch from our windows as the snow falls.

When will it stop?

            When will we go back to school?

            When will it melt?

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  1. Love snow days! Best days ever to be home with kiddos. I enjoyed the wondering connected with your slice-weather seems to be a source of wonder in our house these days too!

  2. mrssurridge permalink

    Your post makes it clear how much weather rules our days. I’m also hoping that you got the call later that you could sleep in the next morning! 🙂

  3. I like how you used questions to frame this piece. When will spring come?!?

  4. This was our Sunday night and Monday this week. Our snow is finally beginning to melt again. Spring will come. Thanks for the great poem – I like how the questions pull the piece forward.

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