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Morning Writing Time

March 9, 2018

“Tea-cherrr, tea-cherr” whistles a cardinal from somewhere outside.

Should I describe it as “tea-cherrr?” I wonder to myself.  It’s a little more whistle-y, though the rhythm and stress are right…Is there a better word to capture its sound?

Keep going, I remind myself.  This is your time to write.

I try to keep my pencil moving.  How can I describe the color of the sky this morning?  It was grey, but with a blue wash….or should I write a blue undertone with grey overlaid?  Should I describe it as a watercolor painting?  Will that really help readers see the sky?

The cardinal sings again, but I keep my gaze on the pencil and my blank lines.  What was it that Randy said about the sky as it got lighter?  How do I describe the way the way it looked then?  It was the same color, and yet not.  The sun wasn’t shinier, and yet the air was infused with light in a way it hadn’t been before.

The cardinal continues its singing.  I turn my head towards its sound, and it’s sitting directly in my sightline.  Bright red, his Mohawk crisp, the black surrounding his bill sharp.  The sky is blue behind him, even though the sky out of the window I face is still filled with grey clouds.

Behind the cardinal, thin lines of snow fall away from trees, like skydivers casting off from a plane.

He sings again, and I can see his chest move.

I can see that now is not the time to write about breakfast, and I turn the page of my writer’s notebook.

How shall I describe the cardinal’s song?

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  1. carwilc permalink

    I love this. I feel like I am sitting with you watching the cardinal. You piece also really makes me think about all of the million decisions we make every time we write.

  2. I enjoyed the glimpse into your thoughts in this piece. It’s a reminder that every word is a choice… a decision.

  3. I know those moments of wanted to write but our thoughts and eyes are drifting to what is out the window. It is interesting how some times we work so hard to find the words to write and other time they are just there for us. I loved watching your thinking.

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