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Train of Thought

March 19, 2018

I squeezed the toothpaste onto my electric toothbrush.  As I pressed the power button, I planned the next step in my day.

Do I want to make an extra cup of tea to bring to school this morning?….I pictured myself angling the cup of tea to fit into the cup holder in the car…. Oh, shoot. There’s that mug already in the cup holder from Saturday that I forgot to bring in.  I’d have to bring that into the house….I pictured myself going out to the car (Could I go out with my sweater or would I want to wear my winter coat?), leaning into the car and grabbing the mug.  In my mind I glanced in the back seat as I straightened up.  Oh, right, the fire extinguisher is still there … and the blanket… and the ice scraper… I should really move all those things back to the trunk….I might not want to put those rubber mats back.  I should probably spread them out in the front seats.  It’s cold now, but hopefully it will be mud season soon…..I pictured my feet in mud-coated boots and the dark spots I’d left on the car rugs a few weeks ago….I pictured the driveway with the snow gone and puddles in the piles’ place.  That’s like that song at the concert on Saturday: “Winter has spring up its sleeve”….I wonder if I could write a post about the beauty of mud season….“Mud, mud, glorious mud/nothing quite like it for cooling the blood…”  Where did I pull that song from?!….. I picture a dark auditorium, and a bearded professor with a guitar on stage, in front of the curtain.  Right.  The first night of college orientation….Professor Lipman also taught us the apple tree song: “If you love me/if you love love love me/plant a rose for me/and if you think you’ll love me for a long, long time/plant an apple tree.” I wonder if all of us from my year still know that song.  Maybe we’ll all sing it some year at reunion….When Professor Lipman dies I should send a card to his family to let them know how much I loved that start to college life…..I wonder if I’ll know when he dies…. “The sun will shine, the wind will blow, the rain will fall and the tree will grow/so whether you comes or whether you goes/I’ll have an apple and I’ll have a rose….”….I picture the roses Randy planted for me.  A mini-bush just next to the steps of summer camp cabin where I worked.  Three deep-red rosebuds, with brighter red petunias on either side. I wonder if he did it because I’d sung him the song.  That was so romantic….It’s been a long time since he’s done something like that….But he did make chocolate chip cookies for me to take to the meeting at school today so I wouldn’t have to stay up late baking….maybe I should write a post about the small gestures of love…

Two minutes ended.  The electric toothbrush turned itself off.  I rinsed off my toothbrush and laughed at the distance my thoughts had traveled, and then I moved onto the next step in my day.

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  1. That was quite the train. It was fun following your thoughts.

  2. lvahey permalink

    What a GREAT idea for a post, and I love that you wove lyrics into it. It’s funny that the two minutes you brush your teeth are two minutes when you can’t make a lunch or check Facebook or pack your bag. It’s two minutes of think time, and following your train was so logical and yet, so crazy, too!

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