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Rumors of Snow

March 1, 2019

I detoured to peek out the window on my way to bed.  Seeing the bare pavement I wondered, “Will the snow come?”

Hours later I shifted awake in the dark.  Randy had just eased out of bed and was padding toward the bathroom.  “Any snow yet?” I murmured.

“Not yet,” he answered.  “But it’s still early.”

I fell back asleep, and woke to movement again.  “Has it snowed yet?” I wondered, but I rolled over without asking Randy to check the window again.

When 5:40am arrived,  my first thought was, “Did it snow?”  I rolled over and listened.  There was no rumbling scrape of snow plows driving past. I sighed, trying to be happy that the schedule would be normal and students, perhaps, calmer.  Just a few more minutes of sleep then, until it was my turn in the bathroom.

“Good news!” Randy sang out from the next room.

Good news, indeed!



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  1. I love snow delays. Snow days are even better!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I’ve also woken up multiple time to check the window for snow that “might” come. When it doesn’t I’m sad at the time, but when it doesn I’m sad in June when we have to make them up! I like the way you chose to end this slice.

  3. I felt the anticipation…it reminded me of stealing glances out the window as a child.

  4. So perfectly paced, so precisely written, and captures the feeling perfectly.

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