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Hallway Ninjas

March 13, 2019


We stood outside the classroom door, students on one side of the hallway, wiggling and whispering, me on the other side, watching and waiting.

“Guys!” E. jumped out of line to say. “We need to be like ninjas so we can go to gym!”

It was a red-letter day: E., often a leader in chatting and hopping down the hallway, stepping up to remind the class how to behave?  Fantastic!

“Yep,” I smiled at him. “Let’s be hallway ninjas.”

The class instantly got quiet.

They also instantly crouched down and flattened themselves against the wall.

We started to walk to gym–or rather, I started to walk to gym.  The students slunk toward gym.  Several kids maintained their crouch–legs bent, arms held out at angles–while they peered around and surreptitiously took just a few steps at a time.  Other students kept their backs glued to the wall.  When they reached a corner they waited a beat to check for spies, then rushed to flatten themselves against the next wall.  When one student noticed there was a large gap in front of her, she whipped her leg into a side-angle karate kick.

Luckily, we encountered no samurais on the way to the gym. No one discovered our location. The class lived to see another day.



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  1. I LOVE THEM! What fun. And thanks for letting them be ninjas! Perfection.

  2. How fun! Did you keep a straight face? Did you eventually crouch and sneak? I can see it. Kids! It’s why I go to school everyday!

  3. So sweet! A creative way to be quiet and at the same time have some fun together as a class in the hallway!

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