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Reminder to Myself on a Tuesday Morning

March 19, 2019


Stand still for a moment.

Close your eyes and lift your face up to the sun.
Ignore the schoolbags pulling on your shoulder.
Ignore the voice in your head pulling you toward the door,
toward making copies and
setting up the classroom and
rushing before the kids arrive.

Stand still for a moment.

Feel the chill penetrate, tempered by sunshine.
Feel a breath penetrate, deep within your chest, filling your lungs.
Don’t hold that breath all day.

Stand still for a moment.

Listen to the robins, the cardinals, those birds whose voice you used to know
last spring–and now they’re back again.
Listen to the song in your heart that comes from
being here,
in this moment.

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  1. ELIZABETH RYAN permalink

    What a beautiful reminder of what we all need. The repeated reminder of stand still for a moment is a nice breath.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to just be still. I took my dog for a walk early in the morning and that was the first time I really listened to all of the birds singing. It really was pretty noisy

  3. Beautiful. I loved your refrain: Stand still for a moment. And, this line: “Don’t hold that breath all day.” Your poem was calming and thoughtful. I loved it!

  4. Love how you chose to stand still, feel, and listen so you could be present even if just for a moment.

  5. amyilene permalink

    Beautiful…you captured this return so eloquently.

  6. Very Nice! I good remember to us all to slow down and take in the small moments in life. Thanks.

  7. Sorry for the typo… I meant to write, “A good reminder”…..

  8. Vickiela permalink

    I really like this and should probably print and read it every morning. I’ve been attempting to simply be aware and not let the “to do list” get me in a tizzy every morning.

  9. I felt myself let out a deep sigh when I read this. It provided a feeling of calm and release. Thank you.

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