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March 1, 2020

The headlights make a cocoon of brightness in front of our car.  Beyond our bubble, the road stretches away into blackness.   The side windows, too, reveal only blackness.  We could be on any road.

Inside the car we are warm.  I’ve curled myself into my seat and have broken off bits of muffin to feed you.  You keep your eyes on the road as you lean your head toward me.  When the muffin is gone, I open the book and continue the story where we left off.

We’ll be glad to arrive home, but for now, we’re glad to be here, glad to be sharing muffin and story, warmth and light, companionship and love.


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  1. A tiny slice filled with love. For a moment, I was in the car and it was lovely.

  2. mlmccormick14gmailcom permalink

    I absolutely loved how cozy I felt after reading this! I was immediately intrigued by the “cocoon of brightness.” Love!

  3. @Tendingbulbs, I love the simplicity and serenity of this post! I felt the warmth soothing my arms as I imagined the endearing love between this story’s characters. I toggled between the satisfaction of affection effectively conveyed and the anticipation of reading more. You captured this couple in the most beautiful way. #lovedit ~Carla Michelle

  4. Emily Culbertson permalink

    What a peaceful, idyllic scene you create here. Our family was also on the road for most of the weekend. If I would have done a better job of capturing the moment, we would have two end of a continuum with your lovely moment at one end and our medicated, slightly dysfunctional SUV with a four year old having to urinate every 50 miles on the other end. Thanks for sharing what could be!

  5. Hail to the present moment. An elegantly revealing post.

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