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March 18, 2020

I pull open the oven door and lean in, forgetting as always to wait until the steam dissipates.

My glasses fog over and I stand for a moment with the oven door open, heat pushing at my knees, pans waiting to be pulled.

I’m hoping the fog will dissipate soon, but my glasses stay opaque longer than I’d like.  After a moment, I give up, lean in the direction I know, and grab the pans, despite their blur.

It occurs to me that this is what we’re all doing these days.

Glasses fogged, it’s hard to see what we’re doing.  We reach in the direction of the known, stick with familiar patterns, but without the clarity we’re used to.  Impatient, we hope the fog clears soon.

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  1. Great metaphor. I often feel like I walk around with my glasses fogged over.

  2. Wow, this is a perfect metaphor for the lives we are leading right now. Well done!

  3. Thank you. This is such an absolutely appropriate metaphor for right now. Hoping the fog clears soon.

  4. Oh I love this! It’s funny because we use “glasses, bugs, and mud” to get feedback from kids about their clarity with “glasses” as the most clear. Fogged glasses are an interesting twist. I’ll have to remember that!

  5. amyilene permalink

    I love this…for the simplicity and for the perfect metaphor. There is also such optimism; the familiar is there and we can always wipe away the fog from our glasses.

  6. jumpofffindwings permalink

    I, like you, am finding metaphors everywhere. The lightbulb in the bathroom went out yesterday with that initial blinding incandescence, then deep dark. I gave that some serious metaphoric consideration. I love the “fogged vision” and the comfort of familiarity, patterns that sustain us. Great post.

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