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And there is love

March 24, 2020

Today’s post was inspired by this gorgeous slice I read yesterday:
which was in turn inspired by Matt de La Pena’s book Love.

In the beginning, there was summer camp.
We were background roles in each others’ stories,
.        a rock climb
.        a long walk with ice cream by the shore
.        a star-drenched sky
planted seeds.

Over late-night backrubs and
sunny afternoons at Stewart Lake
a friendship sprouted up
with buds hinting of more.

And there were letters,
so many letters,
with care packages of pine cones and music and books.
Love hid between the lines,
sending whispers of what might be.

Love peeked on a whale watch.
While whales leapt and dolphins played all around,
our hearts did too,
and a sunburn etched smile lines onto my face.

And there were phone calls,
so many phone calls,
with laughter and stories and discussions of what-comes-next.
Love sang between the words,
hoping of what might be.

On a steep mountain side.
You leap forward, eager to stand at the peak.
I inch along the cliff,
tears streaming down my face
because I can’t be the partner you want.
No, you assure me
I already am.

It’s a snowy Chicago February.
The month has been grey, with you gone and the relationship unsure.
The phone rings from Australia.
You’ve changed your plane ticket
so you can come home
to me.

And there are walks,
so many walks,
with birding and exploring and watching the ocean waves.
Love wove through our footsteps
promising warmth in the years to come.

And in time, the love we have built is a mug of morning tea,
dinners cooked as a team,
walls full of pictures carrying memories made together.

And love is holding hands as our favorite children graduate high school,
because our love is bigger when it encompasses friends.

And love is a walk by myself, a lonely house while you have dinner with your cohort,
because love stretches to fill the space it’s given.

And it’s love humming in the car as we drive through the night, sharing stories,
it’s love sitting on the couch with friends who have become family.

And there is love,
so much love,
with flowers and inside jokes and the comfort of a shared history.
Love radiates from our deeds,
offering hope for the years to come.

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  1. I especially like how you personified love. By naming the specifics, your relationship is explained so well. Thanks for sharing a beautiful slice!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. I was so moved by the beauty of your words. Oh, my- a happily ever after.

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