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The Forsythia Bush

April 14, 2020

so much depends

a golden bush
of forsythias

bursting with sun

against the blue

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  1. I loved this. Forsythias are one of my favorite springtime blooms. On this cold almost wintry day here that imagery of a blue sky brightened my day.

  2. This is beautiful!
    Seeing the forsythia out, as well as the pink blossoms on the trees and bulbs sprouting through the dirt gives me hope.

  3. What a positive post. It is short but has so much meaning. It can also be interpreted in many different ways. I really like the way you started this poem,”so much depends upon”…the continuation could be a myriad of things. Thanks for this it is truly refreshing.

  4. This is great. When I lived in MO, forsythia bushes and jonquils were the first burst of color to welcome spring, I love your last two lines because they bring back vivid memories!

  5. Lainie Levin permalink

    Forsythias are always one of my very favorite signs of spring.

    And I love your tribute to William Carlos Williams. The wheelbarrow poem is one of my favorites. Like you, I’ve also had fun creating my own versions of his poetry. It allows me a different appreciation of his work, and, I suppose, the small things around me.

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