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Wild Geese Chase*

April 29, 2020

I stand in the dark for a moment, then sigh and pull on my robe.  “Slice of Life,” I remember.  It’s not midnight yet.  I can still make it.

I sit at the computer, thoughts swirling.  Do I write about despair?  (“Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine”) Hope?  Spring?  Love?  Frustration?

I can’t.

Like the meditation that is so elusive these days (Oh no!  I realize.  One more thing I forgot to do today!),  my mind refuses to settle.  Too depressing.  Too complaining.  Too trite.  Too overdone.

There are a million excuses, a million reasons not to share my writing, but I choose to ignore this voice in my head.  I choose to–well, not embrace it exactly, but to live with imperfection for the night.  Tomorrow will be imperfect, too, and I will live with that, as well.

As Mary Oliver says, I do not have to be good.

Meanwhile, the world goes on.


*Thank you and apologies to Mary Oliver for the lines I’ve stolen from her beautiful poem “Wild Geese”

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  1. Yes. I so feel you on this post. It is incredibly difficult to focus on any one emotion before being dragged sideways by another. Thank you for the reminder from Mary Oliver – they bring much grace.

  2. jumpofffindwings permalink

    When in doubt, turn to those poets! I always do, and invariably I feel comforted. Mary Oliver’s poem that you referenced here took me to William Stafford’s “Ask Me.” Do you know him? I am glad you posted this uncertainty. I feel you as would anyone who had the good fortune to read your honesty here.

    • I did NOT know the poem “Ask Me”. Thank you so much for sharing! It is beautiful. I think I have a lot of reading William Stafford in my future. 🙂

      • jumpofffindwings permalink

        He is a wonderful person and poet, a true pacifist. His son Kim is our current poet laureate and writes in the same vein. Thank you for reading!

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