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March 20, 2021

It’s chilly in the house, especially downstairs, where I’ve been sitting for far too long.

Eventually I take my frigid fingers and shoulders hunched against the cold upstairs, but haven’t quite thawed when my husband suggests we go for a walk, so I wrap my scarf around me and zip up my winter coat, despite the alluring sunshine outside.

The first few steps out the door are always a test–did I dress appropriately, or do I need to run inside to adjust?  It looks warm outside, and my husband is wearing shorts, but I shiver, and consider jamming on my winter hat.  The brief thought I’d had of leaving my winter coat at home is abandoned.

Still, as we walk, I do warm up.  First due to the exercise, and then due to the sun, which is warmer than I’d expected. I unzip my coat.  Further down the road I pull it off entirely and carry it over my arm.

Further still, I unwind my scarf and drape it over my coat.

By the time we are back at home, I’m carrying coat, scarf, and sweatshirt.  Last week felt like winter, but today is spring.

With each layer I shed, another weight is lifted from my shoulders.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your walk! It is always strange in the in between seasons; but spring is arriving!

  2. There’s nothing like the warmth of sunshine on our face.

  3. This is lovely. The transition seasons are so hard to dress for, but it’s my opinion, and it looks like yours, that it’s better to have too many clothes you can take off than to feel too chilled when you’re out.

  4. carwilc permalink

    The picture of your husband in shorts and you in coat, and hat, and scarf makes me laugh! I headed out the front door this morning wearing my winter coat, only to discover that it was already 60 degrees at 9:30. So lovely!

  5. Your writing here shows how story is part of every day. Ordinary moments of life have meaning. Winter changing to Spring- oh, joy!

  6. What a welcomed spring! I love how your writing unfolds, allowing us, the readers, to move from the couch where we’ve all been sitting too long to a place where we can start to shed the layers. Thank you.

  7. Just came back from that exact walk…except for the scarf. It’s a good feeling…to be shedding.

  8. jumpofffindwings permalink

    “Shedding Winter,” there’s a poem here!

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