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Binging on Slices

March 21, 2021

Reader, I binged this weekend.

My eyes were too big for my …. well, not stomach, I suppose.  Perhaps for my brain.  Or maybe it was my hand resting on the mouse that was too fast for my common sense.

Whatever parts didn’t quite communicate well enough, I overindulged on slices–slices of life, that is.

It started out reasonably.  It was Friday night.  I had time in my evening.  So instead of only clicking on the first three posts, I clicked on the fourth and fifth as well.  As I scrolled down, another teaser caught my eye, and I clicked on that post.  Then I felt bad about skipping over the posts in between–just because the teaser doesn’t catch my attention, doesn’t mean I won’t end up loving the post, I’ve learned.  I clicked on those posts in between.  And then I scrolled down further.  Ooh!  A post about books.  I want to read that one!  A post about something funny that a kid said.  Yes, please!  A post by a name I recognize.  I love their writing.  Of course I have to click on that!

In the back of my brain, I knew I should stop reading teasers.  I should scroll down more quickly so the words blurred together as I made my way to the bottom where I could post my own slice.  But someone mentioned writing a pantoum.  It’s such a cool format–I wanted to see another example of how writers make it work.  And there was a 6-word memoir.  I rationalized that it would be short–what are 6 more words in my evening?

And so it went.  On and on down the 200ish posts.  Each one calling to me to click on it.  And so I did.  I skipped posts here and there, but by the time I got to the bottom, I had more tabs open than I could see at one time.  I read a few, then decided that I could finish reading them on Saturday, and closed the computer.

Saturday I read and commented on some posts, then started to wonder how many I had left to read.  I clicked on the arrow to see the rest of the open tabs.  And I clicked on the arrow again.  And I clicked on the arrow yet again.  It took a long time to get to the end.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t wait to read them!  Such beautiful poetry and stories that made me laugh, and stories that touched my heart.  I read and commented, read and commented.

I took a break for a walk, then went back to reading and commenting.

I took a break for dinner, then went back to reading and commenting.

There was online dancing to be done, but when the music didn’t grab me, I seized the moment to read another slice.

Dancing ended, and I gave my full attention back to reading and commenting.

Around about this time, I started considering finishing the comments tomorrow.  A voice in the back of my head suggested that I could always just close all the tabs I hadn’t yet read, but that was blasphemous talk.  Those slicers might want more comments!  I might miss out on reading an incredible slice!

But I did get tired. I started refreshing the pages to see how many comments the slice had gotten.  I decided that anything with at least 6 comments wasn’t going to get a comment……….but sometimes the slice really moved me, and I wanted the writer to know….

Finally, at past my bedtime, the tabs all fit across my screen.  Read and comment and close the tab.  Read and comment and close the tab.  I kept checking the top of my screen, looking forward to seeing the tabs taking up only half the screen, then only a third…..but instead, with each click, the tabs grew slightly larger, always stretching completely across the screen.

Reader, I finally did it.  It was a late night, but I read every one of the tabs I’d opened.  And I loved them.

Tonight though, I may hold myself to only commenting on three.

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  1. mrssurridge permalink

    Ha! I’ve done this before. It’s hard to stop. You end up being afraid of missing all the great stories, surprises, poems, and more. It’s also true that when you are determined to shrink your number of tabs they somehow grow! I’m certain you left a lot of smiles behind from those who got to read your comments.

  2. I had planned only three comments for Thursday through Sunday since we were visiting my son and his family for the first time in over a year. And they don’t take kindly to my slicing (I wrote ahead) and commenting March madness. But . . . we watched a bit of basketball this weekend and no one cared if I had my computer in my lap.
    And the best reason why we read and comment and read and comment:
    “Such beautiful poetry and stories that made me laugh, and stories that touched my heart.” Indeed, it’s a feast!

  3. That’s amazing!! It is fun to get stuck down the reading tunnel and reading more than the minimum means you are truly enjoying the March challenge 🙂

  4. I do this during the week. I binge on commenting — especially on the newer Slicers — and then I have to scale back. I literally comment until I can’t feel my fingertips. Probably an unhealthy obsession. Or is it?

  5. Lainie Levin permalink

    I do this! I keep clicking regardless of what’s perhaps good for me. But there’s just so much amazing writing out there! How can I *not* enjoy the amazing work people are putting into the world?

  6. I do this too! I love to binge read and binge comment. I was able to do so much more of it in previous years because I had a much more flexible schedule as a college professor than I do now as a high school teacher. I don’t have as much time to read and comment during the week so I’m sure some of you have noticed that I will comment on six of your slices in a row because I missed them all during the week! This week is my spring break and I am planning to indulge in some binge slice reading every day!

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