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Spring is here when…

March 24, 2021

when enough snow melts that we can see again the green-brown earth

when the first red-winged blackbird sits in a bare tree and sings, “Kon-ker-eeeee”

when the last snow piles, hidden in shadows, disappear

when we leave home without our winter coat, trusting that we won’t freeze, even without it sitting, just-in-case, in the back seat

when pockets of early flowers dot the world with color

when, driving at night or standing underneath the stars, a crescendo of spring peepers fills the silence


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  1. That last line is so beautiful. This was perfect.

  2. Brian Rozinsky permalink

    Excellent imagery! The caveat that I’ll add is: When these signs of spring start arriving, they don’t guarantee the season will stick around at first; it might come and go πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, everyone of those are sure signs of spring. Love the redwing blackbird and coat images your words brought to mind

  4. JudyK /J Koval permalink

    I love your list! Your descriptions are wonderful. My favorite one is: “when pockets of early flowers dot the world with color.” Beautiful! πŸ™‚ ~JudyK

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