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Early morning coffee break

March 26, 2021

An impulsive stop on my way to school–deciding I need stronger caffeine than my travel mug of tea offers–means that I’m one hand short for carrying everything into the building.

Luckily, the early morning insomnia that caused the caffeine detour means that I’m also at school a little earlier than normal.  I swish around the (mostly empty by now) coffee cup and decide I have time to drink it at my car.

And so I straighten up from the passenger seat where I was eying my bags and mugs, and lean against the car, enjoying the last few drops of coffee.

As I stand there in the parking lot I start to notice birds singing.  Do they sing every morning?  My brain is usually so full of what I have to do once I step foot into the building that I have no idea.

And so I pay a little more attention.  I look up into the grey sky and appreciate the filigree of tree tops silhouetted against the clouds.

I let myself notice the warm air on my face and the way it feels to stand and breathe.

I notice the calm that settles around me when I let myself pause.


And then I finish the coffee, fill my hands with bags and tea mug, and make my way into the building, planning what I need to do next once I set foot inside.



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  1. Early mornings at school are some of my favorite times. Everything is still and quiet. It’s nice to be able to notice the little things that are so easily missed in the rush of starting the day.

  2. Today was the first time we noticed the birds too. It’s like they all came back overnight. I know that early morning solo coffee date and silence. I love how you described it in layers here. Very rich in imagery and very peaceful.

  3. #sigh!

    “…I look up into the grey sky and appreciate the filigree of tree tops silhouetted against the clouds.”

    Simply ethereal. Perhaps the most beautiful thing I’ve read all day…

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    ~Carla Michelle

  4. You captured this beautiful, unexpected moment in an unexpected location perfectly! Once again, your words have transported me….you are so skilled with descriptive writing!

  5. I love how writing helps me stop and notice things more often! I love your piece and how you described the spring changes.

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