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Lost Tooth

March 29, 2021

I lost my tooth, she says anxiously.

I mean, LOST-lost it, she adds.

I mean, I lost my tooth, but then I lost it.

The details of the story emerge. She bit into a chicken patty at lunch, and her tooth came out.

She went to the nurse, who gave her a little tooth-shaped container to keep her baby tooth safe.

But the cap on the container was loose–more like a tooth than anyone had realized–and now there’s no real tooth inside the plastic tooth.

Her lost tooth is lost.

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  1. Lainie Levin permalink

    Poor thing! How’s she handling it? I know my boys have each “lost”-lost teeth, and we’ve gone the “note to the tooth fairy” route. Hope it all works out OK!

  2. The lost lost tooth….reminds me of the prematurely lost tooth of one my kids, knocked out & then swallowed. Lost, too!

  3. I would read this story to find out what happened next and whether she found her tooth,

    • She actually found it in school the next day! She said it was in the hallway….but I think the nurse found it in the hallway and gave it to her. I don’t actually think it sat on the hallway floor all night. She was excited to get it back–and then she taped the container shut so she could get it home!

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