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March 30, 2021

I can’t help but think of The Muppet Show, with its characters flying from stage right to stage left and back again, chaos always a moment away.

It’s the first day classes have been allowed on the playground equipment all year.  It is a BIG DEAL for my fourth graders. 

It’s hard to know where to start. Flocks of children run to the swings.  Then they run across the woodchips to the monkey bars.  Then back to the swings.  Then to the slide.  Down the slide and around the climbing structure to the stepping stones.  Over to the bench to drop off their coat–it’s 50 degrees, but who can wear a coat on such a sunny, glorious day? (Their teacher can, but that’s besides the point.) Across the woodchips to the bouncing structure, then a lap around the playground just because.

“Let’s go to our spot!” A group of friends say to each other.  “Remember when we always used to hang out there?” As if they’re high school seniors reminiscing about their long-ago childhood.

Suddenly, long-forgotten games spring back to mind and the class is playing “Cops and Robbers”.

“You’re arrested!” the cops announce before sending the robbers off to jail.

“You’re free!” the robbers announce as they spring a jail break.

The words echo as I watch the students laugh and chase and swing and slide and run and run and run.

You’re free!

Statler and Waldorf sit on my shoulder, waiting for kids to forget social distancing rules and come too close, or start bickering about whose turn it is, but for now all is quiet in the balcony.  The show is running smoothly for once, and the stagehands running at breakneck speeds behind the curtains don’t collide. 

Kermit and I breathe a sigh, and take a moment to enjoy the show.

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  1. carwilc permalink

    I love your connection to the Muppet Show! It works perfectly, from beginning to end! And isn’t it so great to see kids getting to be kids again! My sixth graders live for their twenty minutes on the soccer court. And their teacher (yep, the only one with the coat) just sits back and enjoys!

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